Night diving is exciting diving!

Night diving is also on offer at Ossimba Beach Lodge and our Ossimba House Reef is the perfect site to explore.

With the dive site depth of no deeper than 12m, divers have the opportunity to spot an incredible array of sea life that only comes out during the dark hours.

Night diving is exciting diving! Underwater night life is totally different to daytime life and aside from the thrill of only being able to see within your torch beam or to see your buddy by the glow of the cyalume stick, a full moon night dive is also spectacular and we get to switch our torches off and really enjoy the moment.

Ossimba House Reef (2-10m)

A perfect, easy to reach snorkelling site situated directly in front of the lodge. Being a formalized marine protected area, one will see beautiful corals and an abundance of tropical fish as well as some of the bigger reef fish species found in the area i.e.: Triton trigger fish, green job fish and a couple of emperors. Best snorkelled on a low tide (though it is not a rule of thumb) allowing one to explore a multitude of gully’s, nooks and crannies.

An Advanced certification is required to enjoy this experience. Underwater torches, cyalumes and full rental equipment is available if required.