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Ossimba Beach Lodge is situated on a private beach at S14deg25'9:08 and E40deg47’6.31 near the entrance of Nacala Bay on the north coast of Mozambique.
SADC rates. If you hold a passport from a Southern African country you qualify for discounted SADC (Southern African Development Community) rates. Please contact us at for a list of rates.

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Contact Ossimba Beach Lodge at any time for reservations, queries and special deals. 


(office)  (+258) 84  466 1826 or

South Africa

Lyndall Reeves-Moore (mobile) (+27) 82 401 0126


Getting There

To get to Ossimba one can fly daily from Johannesburg to Nampula on SAAirlink. The flight time is 2hours 30min. From there you will be transferred by taxi to the lodge. This will take 3hrs through rural Mozambique. Alternatively one can fly direct to Nacala from Maputo with LAM (Mozambique Airlines). The Nacala International Airport is completed and due to open soon. Then one should be able to fly direct from Johannesburg to Nacala. The transfer time from Nacala International Airport to the lodge is 30min and is free of charge.


Northern Mozambique’s climate (14 degrees south of the Equator) is warm and tropical virtually throughout the year. The dry season occurs during Mozambique’s winter. This is generally the best time to visit Mozambique, with warm hot days and cool evenings.

Dry Season: May to November, temperatures between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius, peak tourist season.

Wet Season: December to April, temperatures between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius, afternoon showers.